The Children Who Witness Abuse Program provides individual and group counselling for children who have witnessed abuse. This helps children recognize abusive behaviour, look at alternatives to violence, develop safety plans and break the cycle of abuse. It gives them the tools to deal with their feelings and experiences.

This program is funded by the Ministry of Justice


Millions of children are exposed to domestic violence each year.  Children who grow up witnessing domestic violence are more likely to become abusers themselves.  They are 50 times more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs, and six times more likely to commit suicide than children in the general population.  Children who witness abuse have higher rates of criminal behaviour, psychotic disturbances and delayed development.

Our Children’s Workbook

We developed an interactive workbook “THERE’S ONLY ONE ME!” that has lots of activities and open-ended questions to encourage discussion.  It was created and printed at our own expense and is provided to CWWA groups and transition houses free of charge.

Did you know?

Over half (52%) of all spousal violence victims with one or more children reported that their children heard or saw assaults on them. (Statistics Canada 2009)

Reacting to Abuse

Symptoms they may exhibit include:  fear or terror, aggression towards others, depression/sadness, sleeplessness, trying to be perfect, anxiety or nervousness, low self-esteem, withdrawal or clinging behaviours, poor school performance, and eating or appetite problems