Youth & Philanthropy Initiative Canada (YPI)

YPI is funded by the Toskan Casale Foundation

It is an internationally recognized, multi-award winning school program that strengthens the social sector by engaging youth in local issues, charities and grant-making.

YPI came to Canada in eastern Canada in 2002 and came to BC in 2005.

The YPI program asks Grade 10 classes to form teams of about four students.  These teams research social issues they are passionate about and then interview the charity they chose.  Each team must prepare a PowerPoint presentation advocating for the charity of their choice against their peers.  With their list of questions, cameras and computers they would gather information and decide how to present it.  Some took video of our materials and others created a video by acting out a script created on their own.  The teams then competed against each other for the best and most informative presentation.  The winning team of each school wins a $5,000 grant for their chosen charity.

We’ve been interviewed by many groups of students over the years and in fact a team of students won the $5,000 grant for us in 2008.

Teen Relationship Abuse Prevention (TRAP)

In April of 2003, we provided CHIMO CRISIS SERVICES with a portion of the funds required to pilot this program.  The program evolved over the years from a stage presentation into a peer on peer workshop. Grade 11 and 12 students along with some young adults work with the Grade 8 students.  The TRAP workshop creates awareness of healthy and unhealthy relationships.  The workshop provides a safe environment for students to discuss this sensitive topic through the use of group discussions, videos and small group activities.