SPI Health & Safety Inc (formally Envirosafety) believes it is critical that they support social programs, the environment and people that need a little help to improve the quality and safety of everyone on the planet.

In 2010 SPI Health & Safety launched its Back to School Backpack Program, providing one child’s backpack filled with school supplies, each time we run any one of our instructor led training courses. Originally SPI Health & Safety employees shopped for the backpacks and supplies, stuffed them with the supplies and boxed them for shipping.  Jeremy’s Memorial Foundation then distributed the backpacks to many transition houses. Jeremy’s Memorial Foundation has gradually taken over all the labour part of the program but it is still totally funded by SPI Health & Safety Inc.

The backpacks each contain the following items:

A pencil case, a package of pencils, white erasers, pencil sharpener, package of pens, colored pencils, notebooks and a glue stick. Some have lunch bags and/or water bottles.

Well over 100 backpacks have gone to transition houses annually since the program started. Some of the backpacks have made their way to other programs for kids such as the Children Who Witness Abuse Program.