Spring Plant Sales  (Apr-May 2024)
We are happy to announce we are again having a Hanging Basket
.  Last year our hanging basket fundraiser was an
overwhelming success with many positive comments on how beautiful
the baskets were.
Click on the link below for detailed information and the order form.

Poinsettia Sales  (Oct-Dec 2024)
In 2023 we were happy to bring back this popular fundraiser.
It was a great success!
Please watch here for detailed information and order forms
for our next sale in the Fall.

Drink Container Fundraiser  (Ongoing)
You can donate the deposit on drink containers to our Foundation.
Any beverage container purchased with a deposit charge in BC is
acceptable.  For more information click on link below.

Collection of Canadian Tire Money  (Discontinued)
We are no longer collecting Canadian Tire money.   Canadian Tire
has changed to a point system and discontinued their paper money.

Birthdays, memorials, gala dinners and virtual events are just some of the
popular occasions people leverage to independently host fundraisers for the
causes they love. There is also an option to fundraise on

We are extremely grateful to everyone who contributes to our charity.