Spring Plant Sales  (Apr-May 2021)
In response to the ongoing COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) situation
we are cancelling the Spring Plant Fundraiser again this year.  Thank
you to everyone that have supported this fundraiser for many years.
We hope to bring back this popular sale next spring.

Poinsettia Sales  (Oct-Dec 2021)
We are monitoring the Novel Coronavirus situation, and we will
decide if it is safe for our customers and volunteers to have the
Poinsettia Sale this year.
Thank you for continuing to support this fundraiser.

Drink Container Fundraiser  (Ongoing)
You can donate the deposit on drink containers to our Foundation.
Any beverage container purchased with a deposit charge in BC is
acceptable.  For more information click on link below.

Collection of Canadian Tire Money  (Ongoing)
We purchase a Canadian Tire Card once a total of $20.00 is reached.
The cards are contributed to the transition houses.


Birthdays, memorials, gala dinners and virtual events are just some of the
popular occasions people leverage to independently host fundraisers for the
causes they love. There is also an option to fundraise on

We are extremely grateful to everyone who contributes to our charity.