The workbook is meant to:

  •        Identify and express feelings in a healthy way
  •        Understand that it is not their fault
  •        Increase their self-confidence
  •        Develop conflict resolution skills
  •        Learn about self care
  •        Think about their hopes and dreams.

The book was written for children aged four to ten but may also be useful for older children. We ask that the counselor or caring adult working with a child be prepared to listen well with your ears, eyes, and heart to what the child has to teach you about his or her grief.

This 67 page workbook was developed over several years with the first printing of 3,000 in 2010 and a second printing of 2,100 in 2014. It has been distributed to Children Who Witness Abuse Progams (CWWA) and transition houses all over BC free of charge. We do request a small donation from the recipient, if possible, to help with shipping costs.