Drink Container Fundraiser

We are starting a new fundraiser!  You can donate the deposit on drink containers to our Foundation.  Any beverage container purchased with a deposit charge in BC is acceptable.  Simply put your returnable drink containers in clear plastic bags and tie them shut.  There is no need to sort or count the containers.

Take the plastic bags filled with returnable drink containers to any of the Return-It Express depot.  At the Return-It Express kiosk enter our phone number (604-275-7234) and request a label for each plastic bag.  The machine prints out the labels and you stick one on each sealed bag and leave it with them.  The Return-It Express employees will sort and count the containers and credit our foundation’s account.

It is that simple – no sorting, no counting and they print out the labels.

You help save the environment and make a donation to our Foundation at the same time.

For Return-It Express depot locations go to return-it.ca/locations





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